Download Petrel 2009

Petrel 2009

Petrel is a software platform used in the upstream sector of oil and gas industry. It provides help to  

Interpret seismic data
Perform well correlation
Build reservoir models
Visualize reservoir simulation results
Calculate volumes
Produce maps

It allows to design development strategies to maximize reservoir exploitation. Risk and uncertainty can be assessed throughout the life of the reservoir.

Petrel 2009 version release

Released in February 2009 this is the first version of Petrel to be fully 64bit and to run on Microsoft's Window Vista 64 bit OS. This brings large performance benefits to users especially those working in exploration or with large seismic volumes and geological models. Other enhancements include a new type of Seismic Inversion called Genetic Inversion based on a non-linear multi-trace approach. Multipoint geostatistics, completions modeling, automated fault polygon generation and a new synthetic seismogram package called Seismic-Well-Tie.

You can download the Software from the download link available below

How to Setup

  1. Install petrel Setup
  2. Copy all files except loader to and paste to  installed directory
  3. Software can be used by desktop icon
  4. If it does not run copy loader file to desktop 
  5. Locate your petrel.exe file from install directory and press run



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