Schlumberger Petrel 2013.2 Cracked

Schlumberger Petrel single E&P software platform contains all essential tools such as processing of geophysical data, processing of geological information and building static model, geomerchanics modeling, reservoir simulation of conventional and unconventional, helps in drilling, helps in well data analysis  trajactory planing and well deliverablity and much more.

Petrel 2013.1 is available to download. The download link is available below, to get your software installed on your computer you need to follow the steps.

Step1: Extract files

Step 2: Install Schlumberger petrel in your pc

Step 3: Install Schlumberger Licensing

Step 4: To license the software instructions are available in notepad file got through it.

if you are having trouble in cracking follow this video step by step

System Requirement

Schlumberger Petrel 2013 Supports Window 7-64 bit
Minimum 1 GB Ram

You can drop your comments below if you find that links are not working, if you are unable to install the software feel free to ask.


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