Schlumberger Eclipse tutorial, How to run data file

Schlumberger Eclipse Simulator accpets data file with Extension ."DATA" Once data file is done and saved with Extension .DATA it ready to run in the simulator.
there maybe possible error in data file and simulation will can not be complete until all errors are removed for this user manual will be help full in debugging and removing errors.

Here are the Steps to run the Data file

1-chose desired type of simulator, here in this case its Eclipse 100 .

*note that Eclipse 100 is for dead oil and dry gas reservoir, while Eclipse 300 is for Volatile and Condensate as there are compositional changes related to these fluid types with change in pressure.

2- Click "Add Dataset"

3- Locate your data file and select to open.and click run.

Make sure that your data file is placed in a separate folder because after completion of simulation it will generates other files which are Important contains the results etc.

Follow the step here is video example available.


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